Membership Application Form


Medical History

Any medical ailments or requirements must be listed below. To ensure our coaches are fully prepared in the event of any incidents the correct process for administering your medication must be fully demonstrated.

Please note if any medical circumstances change you must notify the club/coach immediately. If none exists please enter this in the boxes.

Annual Membership Fees

Due to the uncertainties around when the new playing season is likely to begin the Committee has decided not to request any membership fee payments at this time.

When a definitive date has been agreed by all parties concerned we will contact each member household and inform then of what subs are due and how they can make payments. At the May 2020 committee meeting the decision was taken to freeze any increase in subs for the 2020/21 season.

Cases of hardship will be dealt with on a one to one basis, but the club will need to be informed in the first instance. Any decision will be made by an independent panel of three selected from the management committee.

Acceptance & Consent

All boxes must be checked for membership to be processed:

Consent to my child/ward ("the member") joining Hawley Football Club and agree to adhere to the rules, policies and codes of conduct as set out in the "Documents" section of the website..

Accept all decisions made by the squad manager and management committee.

Accept that the club will offer no refund of monies if the member is withdraw from the club between 1st August and 31st May for any reason other than home relocation, outside the club’s catchment area, or long term injury.

Consent to the member being used in club promotional imagery. Hawley Football Club follows The FA’s policies & guidelines for photography. Requests for vulnerable children to be omitted from promotional imagery should be made in writing to the Club Secretary.

Accept that membership may be withdrawn immediately and without prior warning in the event of a serious breach of FA or club rules, policies or codes of conduct by any person associated with the member at the time of the breach.

Accept that it is my responsibility to inform the club immediately of any changes to the details on this form.

Agree for Hawley FC to use my personal information as outlined in our Privacy Policy in Documents section.

Accept the club's policy on player streaming as laid out in the Documents section.